An Important Message from Physicians Resources, LTD

I’m writing today to update you on upcoming changes we are making in light of recent developments. These are uncertain times, but we are prepared to respond to COVID-19. 

As the coronavirus pandemic causes significant disruptions to daily life, PRL is ahead of the curve and prepared to weather this crisis. Despite these challenging conditions, we as a company have remained calm, focused on facts, and in a position to deliver uncompromising results to our clients. For over 35 years, we have thrived by approaching adversity, hardship, and threats with positive energy, thoughtfulness, and a willingness to support each other. This latest challenge has proven to be no different. Together, we are resilient and strong.

That being said, we are taking extra precautions to protect the safety, health, and well-being of our employees and our community. We are following CDC recommendations and implementing best practices regarding social distancing, cleanliness, and hygiene. These changes are effective immediately March 16, 2020. 

  • PRL will requiring all non-essential personnel to work from their homes until further notice
  • All business travel and offsite meetings are suspended
  • All onsite client meetings are suspended; we will continue to hold our regular meetings virtually
  • Courier routes have been suspended until further notice

In addition, the PRL team is monitoring the new changes to telemedicine policies and will be communicating summarized information to our clients within the next 24 hours. Our experienced coding and compliance team is well versed in telemedicine and will make the necessary resources available to support our clients.

Our primary responsibility continues to be to ensure the financial viability of our clients while at the same time focusing on the health and safety of our team. We are confident that these temporary changes will allow PRL to continue to deliver our services and to protect the financial health of our clients. Now more than ever we need to be responsible to our clients and the PRL community.  We will continue to meet this challenge head on and we will all emerge stronger than before.

Warmest Regards,

Brian Hall