Telehealth; Everything Providers Need to Know

As social distancing due to coronavirus becomes necessary for the protection of public health, providers may turn to telehealth in order to see their patients and administer care. Telehealth is the delivery of health-related services through telecommunications equipment. However, there are guidelines that must be adhered to, as well as corresponding medical codes documenting each consultation. PRL is providing a comprehensive guide and a list of applicable medical codes providers must use during this process. This will clarify questions around telehealth and familiarize providers with the required codes for reimbursement, while providing an essential service to their patients.

For those unfamiliar with telehealth, these are important guidelines you must follow in order to successfully administer virtual care. Please read these carefully and develop a plan for integrating these guidelines into your telehealth service offering;

  • Telehealth services must be synchronous, interactive audio and video communication using smartphone, tablet, or computer that permits real time communication between you at the distant site and the beneficiary at the originating site.
  • The physician or practitioner who furnishes the initial inpatient consultation via telehealth cannot be the physician or practitioner of record or the attending physician or practitioner.
  • The initial inpatient telehealth consultation would be distinct from the care provided by the physician or practitioner of record or the attending physician or practitioner. 
  • Counseling and coordination of care with other providers or agencies is included as well, consistent with the nature of the problem(s) and the patient’s needs.

This presentation contains the medical codes for telehealth, as well as rules and guidelines for billing. We are providing this resource so all healthcare providers who need to pivot to telehealth services over the next few weeks, can do so in a way that is professional, appropriate, and compliant. 

Telehealth Information, Guidelines, and Codes

Please refer to this presentation for important information regarding telehealth codes and billing. As always, PRL strives to provide a high-level of customer service through responsiveness, informed decision-making, and a strong desire to help healthcare providers serve their patients well.